City contrast | Urban sunset

Morningside Heights – Nordend

New York City, Morningside Heights (Manhattan), February 2015

Frankfurt, Nordend, January 2016

While Morningside Heights, the neighborhood between the Upper West Side and Manhattanville that I called my home for two years, was nothing short of lovely, I actually had to take the subway to experience the truly neck-wrenching architecture that New York is known for (and wrongfully “reduced” to).

In terms of skyscrapers (albeit comparatively low-rise), I really lucked out when moving to Frankfurt, as they are the first view I have when I get a glass of water in the mornings.

The uniting theme here? The gorgeous sunset that reminds me of one location when I’m in the other one.

(I sourced my inspiration for this post from German photographer Torsten Andreas Hoffmann, who beautifully captured the comparative spirit of Frankfurt and New York in “Frankfurt – New York” – a comparison that made me open my eyes.) 

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