Urbanite weekend

urbanite(plural urbanites). Someone who lives in a city or similar urban area. One of a demographic class of young, socially-conscious, urban professionals.

And we do love our weekends.


This weekend, I finally made summer plans

I love cities, I do. The thought of living in a small town makes me cringe. Yet, I also enjoy downtime once in a while, usually by visiting coastal towns. Hence, I followed my colleagues’ advice, flipped through several travel publications and decided to combine two countries and places that will give me good material to post on here: Italy and Portugal. While I’ve been to Italy (Pescara region) many times (given that my family is Italian), it will be my first time in Portugal.

Off the beaten path: on why Lisbon is underrated.

Unrelated, but allow yourself to dream some more.

This trip is literally what my body craves.

Looking for alternative vacation ideas?

City love

This weekend I discovered Citinerary – a city made by people and so should you.

My favorite post on the lines of the city and Instagram tips.

Food experiences in Frankfurt 

What I like about Frankfurt is its cafe-scene. Not a weekend goes by without brunch, a habit I’d be sad to let go, ever. This time, my friend suggested Café Klatsch in one of Frankfurt’s most bustling neighborhoods, Bornheim. Wanna be full all day for 10 bucks? Go there.

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