An afternoon at Casa Vizcaya

Those who follow my Instagram account will know how impressed I was by my visit of Villa Vizcaya in Miami a few weeks back, as my posts revolved around its gardens exclusively for the better part of a week (#latergram for the win).

IMG_4077 (1)

IMG_4171 (2)IMG_4173 (1)

My friends and I visited the Villa on a Sunday afternoon and it was not too busy, so we did not have a problem getting tickets. Note that the house and gardens close at 4.30pm; I suggest you plan in at least 2.5 hours to walk around. Trust me, you will not regret exploring the garden and the backyard!

IMG_4096 (1)IMG_4113 (1)

How we got there – with a very cool Uber driver (in retrospect, I realize he’s kind of famous in Miami and consider myself lucky!). ArtDayn will sing for you; all you have to do is record him and post the video on social media to spread the word.

Just one of the many fun memories I made on this trip!

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