When in Miami

In a lucky strike of coincidences, I found myself visiting Miami/South Florida three times in a year, and every time I’ve been able to discover new shapes, forms, and perspectives.

The city’s (I guess it is worth pointing out that I’m technically referring to the Miami metro area, as that includes Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and more) eccentric and eclectic character makes me want to just walk around and take pictures all day – especially of the non-South-Beach areas.


Verde, waterfront restaurant & bar – THE place for beautiful Biscayne Bay views and architecture and delicious & filling breakfast items pleasing to the palate.

Cantina La Veinte – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by either the décor or the food. I highly encourage you to keep some space for the Crepas de Cajeta, which were nothing short of terrific.

Stay tuned for more pictures in the next few days (by the way, this is part of a 3-week trip including Miami, Tampa/Clearwater, and New York City – for which I obviously couldn’t be more excited!)


2 thoughts on “When in Miami

  1. Miami is unique. My husband grew up there so we’ve spent quite a bit of time visiting relatives in that area. Quite beautiful when it’s not extremely hot and humid. 🙂 Nice post, Alyssa.

    • Thanks, Jane! Much appreciated. I’m just getting started 🙂 Luckily I’ve only experienced the city in decent temperatures, but heard it can indeed be very intense in the summer months.

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