Spring time and magnolias

The first hints of spring made their appearance in Frankfurt over the weekend.
What I’m looking forward to:

Sitting at the Main river and reading a book or interior design magazines to recharge. Taking sunset pictures and taking longer walks. Also, seeing happier faces.

Fine-tuning the direction I want my blog to go into. Longer days and sunshine call for more creativity and inspiration. Becoming an SEO pro, eventually. Maybe.

Actually decorating my room, which I haven’t really done since moving here. This includes a picture wall, new modern bedsheets, fresh wildflowers & cacti, my own little library. Time to feel comfortable in my own four walls! Any ideas?

Cooking more. I’ve started cooking a lot of my meals, which I didn’t do before because I thought I just couldn’t cook. I proved myself wrong by trying out some yummy and easy vegetarian curries (here and here) and stews in the fall and winter season, avocado and beet salads (this is so easy I really can’t believe I never thought of it before, but hey… Like I said, I considered myself to be a lost cause in the kitchen), and this minty matcha avocado fudge with cacao nips is on my to try asap-list. Can you tell I’m obsessed with avocado?

More trips and photography. In two weeks, I’ll be visiting Miami, Tampa/Clearwater, and NYC, which should provide a great deal of cool architecture, ocean, and street shots. However, I’m also planning some local daytrips from Frankfurt, including Düsseldorf and Heidelberg, and potentially some weekend trips to Berlin and Munich. Also, I’m definitely planning on doing a post on Luxembourg, my home country, which I presume only few of you know.

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