City post: Chicago

I’m introducing city posts to publish some of my old pictures, but also to help me discover Europe a little more. Some of you may know that I lived in the US during my undergrad and graduate studies, which allowed me to visit many US cities. However, I haven’t seen nearly as many European cities, strangely enough. This year, I have Berlin, Hamburg, or Lisbon on my list – but maybe I’ll also take a quick weekend trip to Milan or Florence, two cities that keep impressing me with their beauty and joie de vivre, regardless of how many times I’ve seen them. In the meantime, there’s going to be some more from my recent US past.

An American city that ranks close to the top of my personal (unscientific) list of awesome cities is Chicago. Despite the brutally cold winters and the frostbite-inducing accompanying wind (I never got used to that when I lived in the Midwest), the city is a great place during the summer and I’m always impressed by its elegant grandeur around the Loop and Magnificient Mile as well as its beautiful communities and cultural identity. Chicago is an architecture buff’s dream.

Along the lines of CNTraveler’s list of what not to do in Chicago, I’d recommend renting a bike and checking out the lakefront trail, which will give you incredible views; Lincoln Park Zoo; Wicker Park/Bucktown for a hip time; the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise; and/or one of the many summer festivals!

Regardless of its touristy character: do check out Cloud Gate. And it’s beautiful in winter, too. What’s your favorite spot in Chi?

(Chicago Series, 2015 by me)



photos by me, via alydreams_

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